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No Legal Advice

The materials on this website are provided for general informational purposes only. They are not intended to constitute legal advice or to be a substitute for advice from qualified counsel. Nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions of Jellins Christensen LLP or of its clients. Because the information is general in nature and may not pertain to your particular circumstances, you should not rely or act upon any information contained in this website without first obtaining advice from professional counsel qualified in the applicable subject matter and jurisdiction.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

Jellins Christensen LLP has a policy of entering into attorney-client relationships with its clients only in accordance with certain procedures, which include executing an engagement letter and addressing professional responsibility conflicts as required under the ethical rules of the states in which we maintain offices. Viewing the information on this website or sending an e-mail to an attorney mentioned on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the firm.

Please note that you should not send any confidential information pertaining to potential legal services to Jellins Christensen LLP or any of its attorneys until you have received written agreement from Jellins Christensen LLP to perform the legal services you requested. Unless you have received such written confirmation, any correspondence you send us will not be treated as privileged or confidential.


We would be pleased to communicate with you by e-mail. However, if you do send us an email, please remember that Internet e-mail may or may not be secure, that your communication may not be treated as privileged or confidential, and that there is a risk that your communication may be intercepted by third parties.


This site may contain links to other websites and resources on the Internet. Any links to other sites or resources on the internet are provided for informational purposes only. Those links are not intended to imply that Jellins Christensen LLP sponsors, endorses or has any control over the information in any linked material, or is associated with or authorized to use any trade name, trademark or symbol that may be reflected in the links.

No Warranty of Results

The information on this website may include descriptions of matters in which the firm successfully represented its clients. The results of these matters were dependent on their specific circumstances, and are in no way intended to be predictive of future results, even in similar circumstances, or offer any type of guarantee or assurance of outcome.

Attorney Advertising Notice

This website is not intended to constitute advertising or solicitation, but may be deemed an advertisement in certain jurisdictions. Jellins Christensen LLP does not wish to represent any person or entity seeking representation based on viewing this website in any jurisdiction where this website fails to comply with all laws, regulations and ethical rules of that jurisdiction.

Should you have any questions, for purposes of attorney advertising rules, please contact:

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Madison C. Jellins
Direct: 650-241-0192

New York
Janice A. Christensen
Direct: (347) 394-5349
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